Get the Perfect Smile with Veneers in Colombia

Best Veneers in Colombia! Transform Your Smile in Just 7 Days

Let's Review What's Included in Our Treatment

Mimetic Shine Veneers:

Before and after images of dental treatment with veneers in Colombia by Clínica Viena.

- Ceramic Veneers

Ceramic Veneers are a material that perfectly simulates the natural texture and desired color.

It is completely stain-resistant (This is what we recommend for patients who smoke or drink dark) 

Being a material crafted in a laboratory, it not only maintains its color over the years but also its incredible shine.

  • It is ideal for patients living in other countries who cannot regularly attend maintenance appointments.

- Stay at the luxury hotel NOVOTEL

Visualize your stay at the Novotel in Medellín, a luxury haven in the El Tesoro shopping center, where exclusivity and comfort come together to enrich your experience.

Every moment, from a shopping getaway to dinners at renowned restaurants and evenings of relaxation, is designed to complement the transformation of your smile with our advanced ceramic veneers. Imagine an investment that beautifies not just your smile but your life, offering you unparalleled memories and well-being. This is the time to allow yourself to live the excellence you deserve.

Helicopter tour over Guatapé included in the veneers in Colombia treatment package.

- Guatape Helicopter Tour (Option 1)

Embark on an unparalleled adventure to Guatapé, the town that takes your breath away and captures hearts, considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

But your journey doesn’t end on its colorful streets; we elevate you beyond the ordinary with an exclusive helicopter tour, offering panoramic views that promise to take your breath away.

This luxury experience is the perfect prelude to the transformation that your high-end ceramic veneers promise: a life seen from a new, brighter, and more dazzling perspective.

Make your smile a reflection of unique and unrepeatable moments, an investment in beauty and experiences that last. This is your moment to reach new heights, both in your adventure and your dental transformation.

- Coffee Tour (Option 2)

Immerse yourself in the essence of Colombia with an exclusive coffee tour, an experience that will take you on the captivating journey of the coffee bean, from its cultivation to the sublime moment it reaches your cup.

Just like the meticulous process that transforms these beans into an exceptional beverage, our ceramic veneers represent the culmination of craftsmanship and innovation in dental care. We invite you to discover not only the secrets of one of the world’s finest coffees but also to beautify your smile, reflecting the dedication and passion that both processes share.

This experience is not just a trip to the heart of coffee culture, but a step towards the smile you’ve always dreamed of, an investment in yourself that resonates with the richness and depth of a perfectly brewed coffee.

Tourists enjoying a coffee tour included in the veneers in Colombia treatment package.

- Relaxing Massage

Imagine a moment of absolute serenity following your first appointment, where a relaxing massage designed to envelop you in a state of deep calm awaits.

This is our commitment to you: not only to transform your smile with our exclusive ceramic veneers but also to cultivate an oasis of tranquility for your total well-being.

This massage is more than just a gesture of care; it’s a promise of rejuvenation, preparing you to reflect the best version of yourself. Allowing yourself this luxury is the first step towards the radiant smile and inner peace you deserve, an investment that goes beyond beauty, touching the core of your well-being.

Plus, enjoy these bonuses with your veneers in Colombia treatment.

Before and after smile transformation with veneers in Colombia by Clínica Viena
  • Bonus #1: Dental Cleaning $120,000 COP
  • Bonus #2: Executive Exam with Intraoral Camera $50,000 COP
  • Bonus #3: For your companion: Free dental assessment and 10% discount on whitening.
  • Bonus #4: Essix Protective Plate $250,000 COP

20 Ceramic Veneers Package

  • 20 High-Gloss, Highly Durable 100% Ceramic Veneers

  • Pre-Travel Virtual Assessment

  • Professional Photography

20 Ceramic Veneers Package

  • Everything included in the basic package

  • Stay at Novotel, a luxurious 5-star hotel in the El Tesoro shopping center in El Poblado

  • Cultural Experience: Choice between Grafitour to explore the transformation of Comuna 13 or a coffee tour to experience each stage of this drink’s production

  • Transportation to and from the airport

  • Transportation to dental appointments

  • Relaxing Massage

Discover the INCREDIBLE RESULTS of our Ceramic Veneers Treatments

Real Stories of Veneers in Colombia from Our Satisfied Patients

Martha, Puerto Rico

I was looking for a way to take years off my smile, and I was seeking a job of excellence and guarantee in a place that was hygienic and perfect, and I found it at Clínica Viena. I want to say that the doctor is wonderful, you definitely have to come to Clínica Viena”

Karen, Aruba

“I came to Clínica Viena looking to get my smile designed. I tell you it went super well, I loved the result. The attention is spectacular, these girls are divine, they work divinely!”

Odalis, USA

“I am very happy with my results, the doctor and everyone who works here made me feel super comfortable and I am leaving very happy”

Estefania, Canada

“I found Clínica Viena through social media, and came a few months ago to get orthodontic treatment. I returned and now wanted to perfect my smile with a smile design and I truly loved the result, much better than I expected and all the doctors were super kind”



10 years of extended warranty on CERAMIC VENEERS

We take pride in the quality of our work. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This means we will perform all the necessary in-mouth tests before final cementation, and we won’t proceed with the final installation until you are fully satisfied.

For ceramics: This warranty covers any procedural defect on the part of Clínica Viena SAS, including color changes, decementation, and fractures related to the treatment. The warranty also applies if the veneers cause gum inflammation or bad odor due to poor adaptation by the professional.


For resin bonding: This warranty covers any defect in the quality of the procedure by Clínica Viena SAS, including fractures related to treatment defects. The warranty also applies if the resin veneers cause gum inflammation or bad odor due to poor adaptation by the professional.