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Meet our service of Specialized Dentistry in Medellín

Clinica Viena has specialties that will help you solve those everyday problems. Treatment for dental caries, tooth decay removal and dental cleaning are some of the services you can count on in our dentistry service in Medellin.

Tooth decay treatment


Tooth decay is the damage that a bacterium (called streptococcus mutans for the curious) causes in our teeth. What many people do not know is that it is much more common than it seems, simple carelessness, problems with brushing technique, lack of time etc. These little actions are enough for these unappreciated guests to appear and we make us need a dentistry service.

How to identify tooth decay?

One of the things we have learned with our dentistry services in Medellin is that, contrary to what many people believe, cavities are not only considered cavities when we already see small holes in our teeth. It starts as a small white spot that means that already begins to affect the enamel, begins to remove its "armor" damaging its minerals and initiating its attack. At this point, cavities can be reversible by improving the technique and frequency of brushing, and in some cases with fluoride in the appointment with the dentist.

There are also many silent caries that look like a small spot and inside our molar teeth have evolved to a much larger size. When they are removed we can observe very large spaces that must be restored.

Warning signs
  • Pain to sweet foods
  • Pain or sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • Black spots on the teeth
  • White spots where they were not seen before
  • White spots that appeared after orthodontics
  • Fractured tooth with a soft food (Many times it is a tooth weakened inside that at the slightest contact can collapse.

Service you will receive

The treatment depends on the state of the cavity, if it is active or not (The cavity can stop by itself in some cases), and when it occurs it does not require treatment, only follow up.

For the white spot: Microabrasion of the enamel (Treatment performed with a special gel and cups, only for use in the dental office) and application of fluoride if it is in an esthetic area, such as the front teeth, only fluoride without microabrasion if the esthetics are not important.

Caries treatment with dentistry in Medellín

For cavitated lesions: Removal and repair of cavities by means of high esthetic resin.

Extensive lesions: Our dentistry service in Medellin has a completely conservative philosophy and seeks to treat teeth without removing them, while there is any hope of treatment. So, if the lesion is extensive we evaluate whether it requires root canal, crown and pin for restoration.


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Removal of dental caries without bur

Due to advances in the field of specialized dentistry and promoting ultra-conservative dentistry, at Clínica Viena we currently have an innovative method to remove cavities without the need to use a bur.

  • It is a component that is applied to the decayed cavity and selectively dissolves it thanks to papain, an enzyme found in papaya which, according to many studies previously carried out, led to the conclusion that it was capable of eliminating only the decayed area without affecting the healthy tooth
  • Reduces dental damage that can be caused by the speed of the drill.
  • Less sensitivity because the heat produced by the bur with friction is avoided.
  • An evident greater comfort for the patient due to the generalized aversion that is presented towards the bur, creating a better dental service in Medellin
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Dental Cleaning

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It is always important that before any esthetic procedure there is no inflammation, bleeding or calculus because the design could even aggravate the situation. This is why it is important to have a treatment with an ethical professional to help you improve your current situation. In some cases, if bleeding persists it may be a sign of periodontal disease and may require a more thorough treatment before starting the design.

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