Periodontal Disease: 7 Warning Signs

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Periodontal disease affects the supporting structures of the teeth, including the gums and bone in severe cases. It is a progressive condition that can have chronic effects on the teeth’s supporting tissues. As the disease progresses, the gum begins to detach, leading to the accumulation of bacterial plaque. Therefore, it is essential to recognize the signs of periodontal disease to prevent its onset and progression. In the following sections, we will discuss some indications that can help you detect and prevent periodontal disease.

Symptoms of periodontal disease.

1. The initial sign of periodontal disease is bleeding gums. This symptom occurs easily and should not be ignored.

2. Discomfort while chewing can also indicate periodontal disease, in addition to bite or bruxism problems.

3. Inflamed and reddish gums are also a common indicator of periodontal disease. It is crucial to pay attention to this symptom to prevent the condition from progressing.

4. Loose teeth can be a result of damage to the supporting structures of the teeth caused by this disease.

5. Prolonged accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar buildup can lead to bad breath, which can become more persistent over time.

6. Sensitive teeth can be an indication of this disease, as the gums become more exposed without the protection of enamel.

7. The appearance of gums or teeth that appear larger than others can also be a sign of periodontal disease. It is crucial to pay attention to any changes in the appearance of your teeth or gums and seek professional help if necessary.

There are several types of periodontal diseases, and various treatments are available to address them. At CLINICA VIENA, we prioritize your dental health and wellbeing, and we recommend maintaining consistent oral hygiene habits to prevent the development of oral health conditions resulting from the buildup of bacterial plaque.

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