No matter what filter is applied to the photo, you can be sure that you will look spectacular with your new smile.

You will look great during and after orthodontic treatment.

With the treatment, you should know that each bracket is designed with fine curvatures and rotational control that adapts over time, extremely easy to ligate. They can be replaced immediately, with fine materials that stretch and give the desired shape to your teeth without you barely feeling it.

They are small pieces of the latest technology adjusted to each of your teeth.

ROTH Orthodontics

roth orthodontics

Roth orthodontics is an improvement on the traditional techniques that have been applied in recent years.

The brackets are the smallest on the market. Seeking to be as unnoticeable as possible.

  • : Lower cost for payment of fees.
  • Lower initial fees than with other orthodontic systems.
  • Visible changes in the smile.
  • The treatment can be complemented with smile design to double the impact.
  • Price of conventional orthodontics: 2,200,000 COP. They can be paid in 24 installments of 81,250 with an initial installment of 250,000.

Clarity Clear Orthodontics

Better esthetics versus cost. That is, almost anyone can afford it.

If you are thinking of having metal parts visible, with this option you can avoid it.

  • Almost no one will notice it.
  • EExcellent price vs. aesthetics ratio.
  • 100% of the time you will be experiencing total peace of mind.
  • Price of transparent orthodontics from 2,900,000 COP. They can be paid in 20 monthly installments of 110,000 COP with an initial fee of 700,000 COP
clear braces

Bio quick Self-Ligating Orthodontics

A system that does not require "elastic ties" thanks to the advanced technology with which it was developed.

It works by using "covers" specially designed to avoid friction in the wire. Therefore, this orthodontics is much faster than conventional orthodontics.

The pressure will not be felt on the day of treatment, on the contrary, it will dissipate throughout the treatment.

This is ideal, if your case is more challenging than average.

  • These brackets do not cause the "peeling" which an effect from traditional systems. They do not have fins because the system does not require elastic ties.
  • It is faster than traditional systems.
  • Suitable for more complex cases.
  • More comfortable since it generates less discomfort.
  • Price of self-ligating orthodontics from 3,800,000 COP. They can be paid in 10 monthly installments of 320,000 COP with an initial fee of 600,000
  • Price of transparent self-ligating orthodontics from 4,600,000 COP. They can be paid in 12 monthly installments of 308,333 with an initial installment of 900,000.

Orthodontics without braces

Dentaline is an advanced orthodontic system that works with aligners (a kind of transparent plates) instead of the traditional and known brackets.

By means of a software, this system performs a simulation of dental movements and, based on that, with a 3D printer, the dental aligners are created. The movements are gradually performed every month.

It is the most esthetic, comfortable and wire-free system.

  • Wire-free: System comprises transparent aligners with excellent thermoplastic characteristics.
  • Removable: The Detaline system is totally removable, making it more hygienic than traditional methods.
  • . Aesthetic: It is a totally transparent orthodontic system that will hardly be noticed in your mouth.
  • The price of orthodontics without brackets can range from 3,000,000 to 10,000,000 COP. The reference range is very wide because it depends on the complexity of each case.
orthodontics without braces

This is just an overview of our orthodontic treatments in Medellin, and we can go deeper if you have more questions.

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