Who are we?

as dentists in Medellin and with the experience of serving more than 5,165 patients in recent years, in different institutions, after collecting every comment, every interaction, every congratulations and even every proposal of things to improve. We have refocused all those learnings in a much more advanced concept where you can benefit directly from this project to which we are putting so much desire and so much love every day.



An idea of doing something different in the dental industry begins to take shape. Many discussions, many meetings and a lot of planning. All focused on having a transparent and ethical service to our patients and our employees.

Our transformation

In 2018 we give shape to all the experience accumulated with this company. A dental clinic that creates natural and beautiful aesthetic smiles and, above all, in an ethical way and respecting the limits of nature. We provide our patients with correct advice that day by day makes them make the best possible decision. Considering that a beautiful smile is one of the factors that most influence our security and confidence as human beings and that a bad decision affects the only set of teeth that we will have for the rest of our lives.


Our clinic has become one of the most important in the city, thanks to the positive feedback from our patients and their referrals, as well as our commitment to quality and culture. Our work speaks for itself, and we take pride in improving the smiles of hundreds of individuals.


During 2020, our clinic was forced to temporarily close for a few months while the authorities established the appropriate safety procedures to handle the pandemic. Once these procedures were established, we resumed our services to provide dental emergency care in the city. It was a challenging year for the entire world, but we emerged with renewed energy and the same dedication to provide the best possible care to our patients.

Pediatric dentistry

As the world returns to normalcy, it became apparent that during the pandemic, many children could not receive dental care. As a result, we made the decision to open a top-notch pediatric dental clinic in the city, dedicated to caring for the little ones. The new clinic is located in the medical tower of the El Tesoro shopping center

Open to the world

With an increasingly dynamic world and a rise in travel, we have committed ourselves to providing people from all over the region with the best dental treatments available on the continent. Our aim is not only to deliver top-quality treatments, but also to extend the hospitality of the Colombian people to our patients.
  • Friendly Doctors
  • Oficina Confortable
  • Friendly environment
  • Convenient location
  • No wait times
  • Free consultation
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Accessibility
  • Modern equipment
  • High quality of materials
Remocion de caries medellin


How do we do it

  • We create high quality dentistry at fair prices for our patients.
  • We perform ultra-conservative dentistry and are constantly looking for new, proven techniques to help us get there.
  • We have a quiet environment to avoid anxiety at the time of consultation. In this way, create an environment where patients can attend more frequently and avoid any type of dental problem.
  • We want to grow with our patients, we want to hear your feedback and we want you yourselves to be the main means of growing as a company.
  • We provide dentistry with ethics that avoids, as happens a lot in the environment, that patients end up with healthy teeth carvings and many other cases that we have encountered every day during our years of dental practice. For all this, we want to differentiate ourselves as the best dentists in Medellín.