What is your dental emergency? Take a look at the following list

Dental fractures

Damage and fractures in smile designs

Tooth pain and sensitivity

Pain and discomfort caused by bruxism

Loose braces

Orthodontic wires hurting

Fractured appliances

Inflamed or bleeding gums

fractured dental crowns, or acrylic crowns that have fallen off, misfit or have a bad odor

Lacerated, misfit or fractured dentures

Pain in the wisdom teeth (Pericoronitis)

Control of the state of dental implants

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In Clinica Viena we want to help you!

That is why we have enabled a particular service of Dental Emergencies including all the protocols.


How can we help?

We have the following options

We can send you X-rays if they are required for treatment and give you approximate values regarding your final treatment once you can travel again and if required.

We STRICTLY comply with all BIOSECURITY protocols

For us, life and health are not at stake, we strictly comply with each of the biosafety regulations for the lives of our patients and employees.
  • We cannot treat you if you have any symptoms such as high fever, cough, lack of smell or any other symptom associated with Covid-19.
  • We ask you to attend the consultation without a companion (Unless you require it as a child or an older adult), if possible, arrive on time so as not to spend a long time in the waiting room. Always attend with the mask and avoiding the use of accessories and with the hair collected
  • Upon admission we will take your temperature, you must use anti-bacterial gel and our disinfectant mat to eliminate traces of bacteria in the shoes. Once in the consultation we will provide you with mouthwash and we will proceed with the consultation and care of your urgent or priority appointment.

Financing for your treatments (Sistecredito)

We know that these are very difficult times for some people and that the cash flow of many households has been affected.

We have immediate credit due to our partnership with Sistecredito.

We only require your ID card and you do not need to go anywhere. From our waiting room, we perform the required procedures and the monthly payment can be made by electronic transfer to avoid traveling and avoid risking your health and safety.

In addition, remember that we also receive all payment methods, all cards and electronic transfers.

Improving your life... the most important thing.

We know how difficult and uncomfortable it is to have a dental emergency.

We know that there is nothing like being free of discomfort.

Being able to eat, laugh, sleep, run and perform any daily activity that you are missing right now

With our help, you can get back to your activities in the twinkling of an eye.

How do you get to Clínica Viena?

We are located in front of the Santa Fe Shopping Center, in the Forum building.

Our clinic is easily accessible from El Poblado Avenue. We have a large number of bus routes that pass through this area and we are also close to the Aguacatala Metro station.

The building has private parking. If you have to run some errands, you can park in the Santa Fe Shopping Center and attend our consultation before or after.

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