6 Incredible Before and After Smile Design Transformations

Sebastian-diseño de sonrisa antes-despues

6 Incredible Before and After Smile Design Transformations

Witnessing the transformation of a smile through a before-and-after comparison is truly remarkable. The day of the smile design is not only exciting for the patient but also for the dentist. This is the moment when all the preparatory work, including hygiene, planning, color definition, and whitening, culminates in a final outcome that never fails to impress. The sense of awe and amazement is always palpable.

The transformation is complete, and the patient is overjoyed with their new smile, often admiring themselves in the mirror repeatedly. The dentist is equally thrilled, taking countless photos and videos to capture the moment. Witnessing the fulfillment of our passion is an amazing experience, as we see how a simple smile can change a patient’s life. With newfound confidence, patients may show up to their next appointment sporting new clothes or a fresh hair color. In some cases, a smile makeover can serve as a catalyst for leaving the past behind and moving forward, as we have heard countless stories of resilience and triumph from patients who have sat in our dental chair.

In this blog post, I am excited to showcase a few before-and-after smile designs that have brought us tremendous satisfaction. We have had the privilege of working on numerous cases, and while each one is unique, we have compiled a mini collection to share with you today.

Sebastián and his smile design before and after

Sebastian holds a special place in our hearts as one of our cherished patients. In fact, he has become a part of our extended family, and we have had the honor of treating many of his closest friends as well. Sebastian confided in us that prior to his smile design, he was self-conscious about his smile and would avoid laughing in photos. However, after undergoing the process, he now smiles with confidence in every photo. He admits that he did not even realize the extent of the transformation until after it was complete.

Before and After Smile Design

To achieve Sebastian’s stunning smile transformation, we utilized a combination of dental whitening treatments. These included both LED dental whitening and dental whitening with trays, which were instrumental in achieving his brighter, more vibrant smile. In addition, we also performed a smile design using resin to achieve the ideal shape, size, and alignment of his teeth. Together, these treatments helped us achieve the smile that Sebastian had always dreamed of.

Eiser and his smile design before and after

Eiser is an absolute joy to have as a patient. As an artist and model, he exudes a contagious energy that fills our office with positivity during his appointments. We always schedule extra time with him to hear his hilarious stories and to share a few laughs.

Eiser had a specific goal in mind when he came to us – to enhance his appearance in photographs. With his skin tone, we recommended a combination of LED dental whitening and dental whitening with trays, which worked wonders in achieving a brighter, more dazzling smile. Additionally, we performed a smile design using resins to improve the shape and to address a previous fracture that Eiser had experienced. The end result was a stunning smile that perfectly complemented his already striking features.

Carolina and her smile design

Carolina is a delightful patient who exudes warmth and friendliness. During her first appointment, we were pleased to find that she already had beautiful teeth, with a perfectly aligned bite. Her only desire was to make subtle improvements to her already lovely smile.

With Carolina, our goal was to highlight the natural beauty of her teeth. Through our meticulous attention to detail, we were able to bring out the full potential of her smile, showcasing her teeth to their fullest extent. The result was a refined and polished smile that perfectly complemented Carolina’s existing features.


To enhance Carolina’s smile, we utilized a variety of techniques to achieve a natural and subtle transformation. Our treatments included dental whitening with trays and LED light, as well as a smile design using resins. Rather than carving the teeth, we focused solely on the edges to improve the shape and size. This approach allowed us to achieve a very natural-looking smile that perfectly complemented Carolina’s existing features. The end result was a radiant smile that left our patient feeling extremely satisfied.

Smile design before and after Valeria

Valeria was a young patient with already nicely aligned teeth, but she had some dental stains that she wished to address. We recommended dental whitening with trays, which she used diligently for just one week and saw noticeable improvements.

To enhance the results of the whitening, we also performed dental whitening with LED light. Finally, we carried out a smile design using resin to improve the shape and size of the teeth by focusing solely on the edges. This approach ensured that the changes were subtle yet effective, resulting in a beautiful and natural-looking smile. Valeria was delighted with the end result, and we were thrilled to have been able to help her achieve her goals.

Valeria-antes-despues diseño de sonrisa

Manuela and her smile design before and after

Manuela is an incredibly cheerful patient, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to help her address her dental concerns. After suffering from bruxism for some time, her teeth had lost some of their original size, which affected the overall appearance of her smile.

To address this issue, we performed a resin smile design to reconstruct the size of her teeth, which helped to restore balance to her face. Prior to this, we also carried out dental whitening to enhance the appearance of her teeth. Following the treatment, we provided Manuela with protective plates to help preserve the results of her smile design.

It is worth noting that in patients with bruxism, the cause may be due to external factors rather than dental issues, as was the case with Manuela. Therefore, it is essential to identify and address the underlying cause of the condition. In some cases, botulinum toxin treatment has been effective in managing the symptoms of bruxism. Regardless of the approach, we are committed to providing our patients with the best possible care to help them achieve optimal oral health and a beautiful smile.

Before and after salome

Salome, one of our patients, had a concern with a white spot on one of her front teeth that had been bothering her for some time. Such spots are usually caused by birth and affect the enamel of the tooth. To address this issue, we offered two treatment options: one was to carve the affected tooth and replace it with resin, while the other was to perform dental whitening to blend the tooth with the rest of the teeth and then apply a resin design to the edges of the tooth to cover the spot more definitively.

Several before and after on our youtube channel

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